Our story

Founder Sam Petrolo started his first business Petrolo Tiling in 2006, offering the finest tiling services ranging from Stone feature walls, luxury bathrooms, fully tiled pools and outdoor areas

Over the years the demand for Strip Drains grew, and with Sam’s father Joe being a boilermaker and passing down welding and fabrication skills Sam decided to buy a folder for their factory with 1 main objective, to cut out the middleman and deliver a top quality product from manufacturer to end user.

Petrolo Tiling has been certified and making drains since 2015, mainly for his jobs but as the word spread to builders/plumbers/ home owners etc.. Sam decided to start up a whole new company – Northern Beaches Drains. An entity of it’s own dedicated soley to custom made strip drains.

As the manufacturer; Sam makes all of the drains himself in his factory in Brookvale and takes pride in being able to offer a high quality product directly to the end user.

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